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FinePrint is software to improve the document printing process and consequently save ink for printers. This program is actually a virtual printer installed in Windows. You can then print from any program in the Windows environment. In the list of printers you will also find the name of this printer. Selecting that window opens the program and you can use it. In this first window, you will see a preview of all prints that show live changes with any changes. The print preview is exactly what you will get when printing a document.

In this section you can add blank pages to the sections you want or delete specific pages from print and so on. In addition, on the same page you can reduce the quality of the printer to save ink, convert color texts to black and white, and delete images to reduce consumption. After adjusting you can send the result directly to the printer or save in Tiff, jpeg, bmp and fp formats for printing later. Since this program is a simple virtual printer, you do not need a powerful computer to run it. This program can be installed on most systems and versions of Windows XP.

FinePrint Features and Features:
  •  Live print preview (show instant changes to settings page)
  • Smart saving on printer ink consumption (by deleting images and converting texts to black and white)
  • Ability to put multiple pages on one page and print it
  • Ability to put watermarks on print documents (date, time, system variables or any other custom text)
  • Ability to save result in different tiff, jpeg, bmp and FP formats
  • Ability to print on both sides of the paper
  • Automatically set the size of large pages to print on smaller pages
  • Adjust margins based on different units of measurement
  • Possibility to consider a place for a lease
  • Easy to install and operate on all versions of Windows
  • And …

required system

Server requirements:Windows 2012 Server & R2, 2008 Server & R2,Microsoft Networking with printer sharingTerminal Server and Citrix MetaFrame are fully supported in both desktop and single application sessions

Client requirements:Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2000Microsoft Networking with printer sharing

Installation guide

Use the serial in the text file to enable it.

download link

Download FinePrint 10.03 Multilingual

Download FinePrint 8.38 Workstation-Server Edition Multilingual

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