Global Mapper 21.0.1 Build 100319 x64 Free Download
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Global Mapper is a cost-effective, easy-to-use geographic information system (GIS) application that provides access to the unparalleled diversity of geographic datasets and provides the right level of functionality for experienced and novice geographic information system users. he does. Global Mapper is more than just a tool that offers an amazing array of data analytics and data processing tools in one affordable package.

Features and features of Global Mapper software:
  • Low cost and easy to use for GIS solutions
  • Supports over 250 spatial data formats
  • Optional LiDAR modules for powerful cloud point processing
  • Advanced project management using the GeoCalc library
  • Supports realistic 3D viewing of upgraded data
  • Zoom in on map, enable 3D mode, select background color, draw and measure sections
  • Vector selection feature (areas, lines and dots), with rectangular, circular, oval, bow and
  • Enable GPS function
  • Extract data from formats in PDF, JPG, PCX, PNG, RAW, KML / KMZ, DXF, SVG…
  • Track a GPS device connected to a PC or USB serial port in real time
  • Direct access to high-resolution color and digital images from DigitalGlobe and A detailed street map for the entire world from within the app

Full support for popular formats:

GeoPDF, DLG (DLG-O & SDTS), DRG, DOQ, DEM, DGN, DTED, DWG, DXF, GPX, SDTS DEM, ECW, MrSID (Imagery & Lidar), ESRI Shapefiles, E00, Vertical Mapper GRD, JPEG2000, CADRG / CIB, GeoTIFF, KML / KMZ, Lidar LAS, Arc Grid, Tiger / Line, SEGP1 / UKOOA P-190

To view the full Global Mapper are here to see.

required system

Operating System

Windows Vista

Windows 7/8/10

Windows Server 2003/2008/2012

32bit & 64bit


Hard disk: 100 MB

Installation guide

Listed in the Readme file in the Crack folder.

download link

Download Global Mapper 21.0.1 Build 100319 x64

Download Blue Marble Global Mapper 20.1.0 x64

Download Global Mapper 20.0.0 Build 091818 x86

File password (s): Size

247 MB

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