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Free Download Cinema Mastery - Eric Thayne | 17.6 Gb

Cinema Mastery is designed in order to provide filmmakers with skills and instructions they need to create cinematic commercial films and attract high-paying clients.

What's inside?

Cinema Mastery is jam-packed with over 15 hours of main content, giving you everything you need to learn professional cinematography techniques and build a six-figure business. Plus, we are constantly adding to and updating the content so you always know the tools and strategies being used today, not last year.

1. Overview & Camera Settings

2. Shooting Fundamentals

3. Lighting Tools

4. Lighting Techniques

5. Production Design

6. Audio

7. Editing & Color

8. Business Development & Workflow

Let's Talk About Cameras

Frame Rates For Cinematic Motion

Controlling Motion Blur With Shutter Angle

Using ISO For Exposure & Dynamic Range

Aperture, Exposure, and Depth Of Field

White Balance - Daylight Vs. Tungsten

Shooting In LOG Or Flat Picture Styles

Imitating Anamorphic Aspect Ratios

Demo & Info:


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