PHPRunner 10.1.32899 / 9.8.29967 Enterprise Retail Free Download
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XLineSoft PHPRunner is a PHP code generator and a complete builder. Using the PHPRunner, you can create an intuitive visual interface for a local database such as MySQL, MS Access, SQL Server, Postgre and Oracle. Make your website unique! PHPRunner provides you with numerous website layouts, color schemes and an advanced visual editor, and all the tools you need to customize the look of the image of each page to help you design a unique website. You can also password to protect your Web Applications.

Features of the XLineSoft PHPRunner Software:

  • Multiple database connection
  • Insert pages for design
  • New printer page, PDF options (vertical, horizontal, scale)
  • Dashboards: Displays several related and unrelated objects in the page like grids, single records views, charts, reports, search pages
  • Click on the tables and view the details of the tables
  • Search chart and network data at any time
  • Supports MySQL, MS Access, SQL Server, Postgre and Oracle databases
  • Filter tables and pages in all screens
  • Copy field settings from other fields
  • Layout 3 columns and 4 columns to add, edit and view pages
  • Filter by category and subcategory
  • Embedded based on horizontal and vertical styles
  • Various HTML5 tutorials
  • Option to create an SQL script to transfer tables and data to another server

To see the full data PHPRunner to here , see.

Required system

Operating System

Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows 2008, Windows Vista

Web server

Internet Information Server (5.0 or later) or Apache

PHP 5.x or better

Supported databases

MySQL 4.x, MySQL 5.x Microsoft SQL Server PostgreSQL Oracle Microsoft Access DB2 Informix SQLite Any ODBC-enabled database

Installation guide

Version 10:

Install the software and copy and paste the crack file at the software location. Select the received code and press Enter to copy and then send us.

Version 9:

First, copy and execute the Patch file on the installation path, and then use Keygen to register the application. For version 9, copy the file in the Crack folder at the software installation location.

Download link

Download XlineSoft PHPRunner_9.0 Build 26849

Download XlineSoft PHPRunner_Pro 9.0 Build 27012

Download Template Pack for Xlinesoft PHPRunner

Download XLineSoft PHPRunner_Enterprise 8.1.24916 Retail

Password (s):


100 MB

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